Oil tasting 2017

On Thursday the 2nd of February 2017, we bring back the theme dinner with the extravergin Olive Oil. Each night will host two companies producing oil and the staff from AICOO, who will guide you through the tasting and discovery of oil.

Dinner starts at 8pm – Booking is compulsory (call the restaurant)


Bruschetta with Olive Oil EVO and garlic

Tomato Soup

Polenta cake with Casentino Chanterelle Mushrooms, Pancetta and Pecorino abbucciato Cheese

Morelli Artichokes, black Kale, Riccia, Citrus fruit and Hazelnut Ricotta

Black bread Waffle

Spelt soup with Asparagus Tips, Yellow Pumpkin and Poached Quail Egg

Stew with Celeriac Mayonnaise, Coleslaw, Oil EVO Jelly and Green Sauce

Bavarian Cake with Pears with Soft Heart of Oil EVO Chocolate on English Cream

“Strada del vino” Arezzo local Wines


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