Square of Taste

Saturday 16th of April the “Square of Taste” officially opened; a manifestation created by Confcommercio association that for two days transformed the most beautiful square in the town centre, Piazza Grande, into a laboratory for the best local gastronomic specialities and wines tasting.

The opening ceremony was held at Midday at the central stage in Piazza Grande, with the presence of the Mayor Alessandro Ghinelli, the Assessor for Businesses Marcello Comanducci, the Unioncamere Toscana President Andrea Sereni, the Confcommercio Toscana President Anna Lapini, the Regional Director Franco Marinoni and the Banca Popolare di Cortona President Roberto Calzini.

The traditional gesture of cutting the ribbon was accompanied by the cut of the maxi Chianina Tartare made by Alberto Rossi (leader of the Arezzo Confcommercio Butchers) and the Chianina Carpaccio Pizza made by Renato Pancini (President of Confcommercio Pizzerie Association).
There was a big crowd since the morning and the stands were assaulted at lunch time with Piazza Grande being really packed.
In the evening the dinner was accompanied by the Jazz Concert presenting Minus One Quartet, that played until 11pm on the terrace of the Fraternita of Jazz, Latin and Bossa Nova Music. Until Sunday evening it was possible to walk through an imaginary tasting itinerary that, stand by stand, led to the discovery of the typical Arezzo production.

Cheese, Charcuterie, Bread, Desserts, Pizzas, Wines and rustic Beers plus the street food and many more traditional dishes ready to eat. In addition, there was the presence of various stands dedicated to the Gluten-free cuisine, to include in the celebration also who is intolerant or allergic to this substance.

Entertainment was led by the cooking shows that transformed the food preparation into a real show and the Young Chefs Band from Lilt, who offered a series of food education fun labs for kids. For them, there were also make-up artists, baby-dance, free colourful balloons and on Saturday afternoon the ice cream offered by Master Palmiro Bruschi.

In Piazza Grande there was also the famous giant Grill given by the Arezzo Butchers for Confcommercio, that characterised the “Square of Taste” since the first edition; green light for steaks, burgers and sausages. The bakers brought the bread, focaccias and pastries. The restaurants Lancia D’Oro, Logge Vasari and Pomodoro Pachino had their stands and served mainly handmade pasta dishes and street food like Fritto misto cones and the mini burgers presented at the opening ceremony.

In the space managed by the Arezzo Chefs Association there was the “Gluten-free reign” with appetizers and take-away specialities, fried Steaks and cured meats, Lampredotto panini, fried vegetables and other treats, all rigorously gluten-free. In addition, there was a concession for the Vegan cuisine with fruit and veg Smoothies.

For the art lovers, finally, there was the possibility to visit the splendid Palazzo della Fraternita, opened until late during the two days.

The cooking show Programme:

Saturday 16th: focus on the fresh pasta with Giulia Tarpani from the Logge Vasari restaurant, who presented live Tortelli with peas and potatoes and Ravioli with rabbit meat, offered then to people with the wines from Cantina del Valdarno. At 5pm a meeting about ice cream with Master Palmiro Bruschi and at 6pm about gluten-free cuisine with the Arezzo Chefs Association (the dishes were accompanied by the wines from Victor and Rose Agritourism).

Sunday 17th: at 5pm a meeting about the Chianina Meat with the participation of the President of Confcommercio Tuscan Butchers Alberto Rossi accompanied by the wine tasting from La Torre. At 5.30pm a meeting about chocolate with the Lancia D’Oro Chef, who created bars and dark, milk and whisky cream chocolates accompanied by the rustic beers from La Campana D’Oro firm. Finally, at 6pm, the President of Arezzo Pizza Association revealed the secrets of Gourmet and Sultano Pizza accompanied by the beers from Canenero brewery.

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